Meet Conservative Brett Larson

Brett Larson is a life-long conservative dedicated to serving Denton County. Whether it is in his personal life, business, or as a community volunteer, he has been doing it most of his life. Brett is a small business owner of a financial planning company. He mentors young entrepreneurs to grow their ideas into job creating businesses, volunteers his time to disadvantaged children, helps young families increase savings, cut debt, and prepare for the future.

Brett and his wife, Susan, are proud to call Denton County home as they raise their two children here and are all active members of Grace Avenue United Methodist Church in Frisco. A son of an Air Force veteran, Brett is committed to defending the Constitution and strongly supports our veterans, local law enforcement, and first responders.

As County Commissioner, Brett will use his years of experience for you. He has been on the front line watching the rapid growth in our area while current officials let our roads fail to keep pace. Brett will produce conservative results to cut wasteful spending, plan responsibly for growth, work with law enforcement to counter violent crime illegal immigration, and better construct our roads – without raising taxes.