Conservative on the Issues

Conservative Brett Larson, a lifelong Republican. He maintains a strong stance on issues such as illegal immigration, taxes, the 2nd amendment, and protecting the right to life and our families. A son of an Air Force veteran, Brett is committed to defending the Constitution. And as our next Denton County Commissioner, Brett will strongly support our veterans, local law enforcement, and first responders.

Fair Representation

Our part of Denton County is growing rapidly and contributes a huge share of the County’s tax revenue, and yet we are often forgotten as the county sets priorities. As our next County Commissioner, Brett promises to represent all residents of Denton County equally to improve our roads, keep taxes low and manage our growth responsibly.

Responsible Growth

As an experience financial planner and conservative small business owner, Brett knows how to balance budgets and manage growth responsibly. That’s why your neighbors and local leaders are endorsing Brett. They know that Brett will find conservative solutions to plan development and better construct our roads – without raising taxes.

Cutting Wasteful Spending

For two decades, Brett Larson has helped local families balance their budget, increase savings, cut debt, and prepare for the future. He will use this experience to pass a balanced budget each and every time. Brett will ensure a lean government by cutting wasteful spending that is harmful to Denton County taxpayers.

End Illegal Immigration

Brett knows all too well the harmful effects illegal immigration burdens our community with. Whether it’s an increase in the crime rate or how it drives up taxes, ignoring the problem will only further hurt our area if left untouched. Brett is a strong believer in securing our border and will focus on working with Denton County law enforcement to make sure they have the resources they need to do their job and keep our communities safe and thriving.